A story about a much-loved VW Kombi, a trip around Australia and shipping the old girl back to the UK

Bristol Volksfest 2006 photos

Heading up to BrizzleTaking a pause at the servicesJesus loves youThese vehicles are protected by an attack dog. This is not that dogObligatory bus line-up shot Obligatory VW logo shotObligatory VW logo shotDr LuftschuleLine-up of VW Camper vansAn 'interesting' rattle can paint job! Vintage dubsKubelwagenSuperb finish on this!Obligatory VW logo shotReflection in a hub cap The AR Tiles splittieAR TIles logoYummy blue and white splittieLine-up of VW Camper vansObligatory bus line-up shot Line-up of VW Camper vansJust anoter random busThere were a lot of these at Bristol Volksfest!Flat EricMmmm, shiny! 100% air-cooledLordz LowridersThe hydraulics required are awesomeThe hydraulics required are awesomeShiny ... but must be a bugger to clean! Battery power for the hydraulics - power plant!Pimpin' hydraulics controller boxLow-rider bike - must have shiny exhaust!Hydraulic-hoppin' MercHydraulic-hoppin' Merc Benz and Volvo (!) have a hydraulic 'dance-off'Low Benz number plateLowrider car pumping its haydraulicsBug available in every colour, as long as it's blackVW logo Cute cabrioRusty dubRusty dubA proper weed-huggerThe wheel looks bit shy Now that's rusty!Got wood?Bog Std sub-woofer installBus + Bug trailer combo

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